Where To Focus Your Online Marketing

Many companies have a range of products and services they wish to offer prospective customers. It can be difficult to promote many things at once, often companies can find their marketing efforts spread too thin across too many targets. Marketing online definitely needs focus, if we can give focus we maximise to our web marketing we drastically our chances of success. So, where should a business choose to truly flex their web marketing muscles?

Here are three questions I put my clients to help them decide where to focus their web marketing resources.

What was your most profitable offering this year?

Profit is, of course, important to every business and we should focus on the parts of our business that are most profitable. It’s important to note that most “profitable” is often different to what product or service brings in the most turnover. Financial thoughts aside, the products and services that are most profitable also tell us a great deal about the desires and price points of our target markets. What can we take from our most profitable areas that we can enhance and apply to all parts of our business? How can we develop and market our less profitable offerings so they reflect the same messages and tones as our most profitable ones?


What was your most enjoyable business product or service you offered across this last year?

Growing a business takes energy, lots of energy. I believe we should therefore focus our business growth on the elements that we, individually, get the most back from. Things we enjoy doing don’t drain our energy resources, more than often they actually give energy back to us. So, make sure you focus your marketing around the aspects of your business that you personally get the most back from. This way you’re building a business that you love and that will be so positively reflected in everything you do. If your answer to this question is the same product or service that you answered for question one above, then you’re set to fly!


What product or service was the most well-received by your customers over this last year?

If we are going to grow successfully, then we need to listen to our customers and clients. It’s amazing how often they see things differently to how we perceive they see them. Take note of everything you do that they feedback positively on, you will find that there are elements to what you do that they appreciate more than you ever expected. Sometimes, you may even find that your customers are your customers for reasons that you did not consciously promote to them. Take note of what you do that has the most impact from your customers feedback and focus your marketing on these things too. If you find that your greatest feedback comes from moments when you heavily discounted your products or services, then look at what you can do for that heavily discounted price. What new service fits within that price margin profitably? Then offer your base products or services as the enhanced version of your lower priced product.

Answering above three questions will give you a short list to build your web marketing around. What kind of business would this marketing focus bring you? Is it one that you believe in financially? It is also one that makes you feel energised inside, one that you will look forward to walking into everyday? If so, your online marketing is take shapel!

If you like the feel of the business you have from your list, but doubt its financial viability, then look to build a new “profitable” offering from the good feeling that this list offers you. If you promote a business that you feel passionate and engage with, your marketing will buzz with that positivity and you will, in turn, succeed. Good luck!


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